How to sell your property

To sell your residence, you obviously need to call professionals like ourselves at Residia inc.

But you can also actively participate in this process by doing the following small things prior to a visit:

  • The house must be clean and tidied up
  • Keep out of sight personal belongings
  • Put away your pet’s food and water bowls
  • To purify the air, use a product that eliminates odours or scented candles. If you don’t have any, we can lend you our unique aroma cube. Another unique service by Residia!
  • The kitchen should shine, store all electrical appliances, kitchen accessories and tableware
  • In the bathrooms, store personal hygiene items in a drawer and always keep the toilet cover down
  • Always open the blinds and curtains
  • Turn on all lights and table lamps, even during daytime
  • In winter, light a fire and make sure that the entrance is cleared from snow and ice
  • It is better to leave the visitors alone with the agent and keep pets away